Computer Science & Engineering (AI & ML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) both are related to each other. But both are the distinct field of computer science. The main goad of AI is to develop intelligent machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and natural language processing (NLP). It is used to develop algorithms to make decisions based on input data.

On the other hand, Machine Learning (ML) is a subfield of AI that involves teaching machines to learn from data without being explicitly programmed. ML algorithms can identify patterns and trends in data and use them to make predictions and decisions. ML is used to build predictive models, classify data, and recognize patterns, and is an essential tool for many AI applications.


B.Tech CSE (AI & ML)


4 Years


60 Seats

Our Vision

The Computer Science & Engineering Department aims to explore new avenues and dimensions for making human life easier by offering students with the essential computational skills to develop technology that serves the society by enhancing employability, deep understanding of ethical values and responsibilities.

Our Mission

  • To ensure student’s progress through regular practice and implementation of new ideas with an innovative approach.
  • To promote an environment of high moral values and discipline where students can learn and Contribute towards the growth of self and society.
  • To further an environment of entrepreneurship and professionalism of high excellence and caliber, Giving professionals opportunities for employment and growth.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • To ensure thatStudents possessthe understanding of engineering & computer science to excel in chosen career path.
  • To ascertain thatstudents demonstrate professional conduct, ethical attitude, cognizance of social & Environmental issues, leadership and lifelong learning.
  • To create and provide opportunities for the sustainable development of students through practical Experience and training programs.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • The ability to analyze and solve real life problems through the application of fundamental knowledge of maths, science and engineering.
  • Understand the state of the art in the emerging areas of research in computer science and engineering, formulate problems from them and perform original work to contribute in the advancement of the state of the art.
  • To adapt to evolving technical challenges and changing career opportunities by effectively communicating ideas and promoting collaboration with other members of engineering teams.