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Education is a fascinating and wonderful path for growth and progress of an individual. The field of education provides great opportunities and initiates a transformation towards a complete human being. I assure you as Director of SR Institute of Mangement & Technology that we endeavour to provide an opportunity for transformation in the current scenario where education, technology & the taught all need to be leveraged. The tough times has taught us one thing; to work efficiently & quickly with limited resources taking the help of technology. As engineers, our community is responsible for implementation & adaptation of this change for the good of the society. At SR Group of Instituions the principles of Shiksha, Sanskar & Rojgar has literaly innated as a standard for all. The abiltiy to take decisions as well as implement policies with honesty & trustworthiness in the service to the country in good faith towards, clients, colleagues & organisation is the quality required that will protect and resurrect India’s manufacturing & service sector in the times to come.

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